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A Creative Outlet....


I grew up on a Mohawk reservation in Ontario Canada called Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. I was originally taught how to knit when I was very small (about 8 or 9 years old) by my grandmother, the matriarch of our family. I remember knitting my first scarf with a million holes, and somehow ended up wider at one end than the other. At that time I enjoyed knitting and quilting with my grandmother. mother and aunt's at my grandmothers house. I eventually went off to university to become a neuroscientist.


In March 2014 I officially launched the Yarnhardt's brand and demand got so incredible I needed someone to help me out. Shortly thereafter I taught my lovely friend Alisa how to knit and we were off to a great start but that still wasn't enough! As fast as our hands could create we still couldn't keep up! Since then I've recruited my mom, two my of dear Aunties, and my niece to help me out creating magnificent pieces for you! I was then able to expand my art and unique product line with the addition of embroidery cross stitch work, and dream catchers! 

In the summer of 2019, at an Indigenous Day Workshop, I was taught to bead and I've had so much support from my community and the beading community that I've been able to feature my bead work here to. As a new beader I am absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of love I get for my work! It's something I never ever could have dreamed.  

Nia:wenkowa to everyone that has supported all of our work and gave us a platform to sell our creativty for you to enjoy!

- Jenna Barnhardt, Owner/Knitter/Beader


I am a proud turtle clan member of the Tyenindaga Mohawks on the Bay of Quinte. I now live in Toronto Ontario with my  two fur babies (Billie, and Beans) & I am currently working towards a degree in Neuroscience.


I created Yarnhardts when I saw the demand growing for custom knits for babies. I've since expanded my customer line to children, adults, pets, and even homewares! I have also been trying to grow awareness of the brand through small local craft shows, and by providing a presence in the aboriginal arts communities.  


With the addition of beadwork to my brand, I am excited to feature unique collections online and at pow wow's for everyone to enjoy! 


Alisa learned how to knit in the fall of 2015 and since then has evolved into a serious powerhouse talent that has taken creativity to a whole new level! With her organic style and modern taste, she is a welcome addition to the Yarnhardts family!


Alisa is a native Romanian who moved to Canada when she was a small child. We met years ago through a mutual friend and became close friends once our love for knitting became aparent. I then passed on all my knowledge of knitting techniques to which Alisa caught on famously! As soon as she expressed an interest in knitting for the company, I did not spare any time in making her part of the team!


Since I have been keeping up with the incredible demand for beadwork Alisa has been a very important part of Yarnhardts and I cannot imagine running this business without her or her knitting talent!! 

Together we enjoy exploring Ontario to attend artisan craft shows, and yarn expo's purchasing unique fibres and choosing modern colour combinations for our pieces! A great deal of thought and care goes into the planning, and construction of all of our orders. Whenever possible, we prioritize using organic Canadian fibres!  

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